One Wee Robot!

LATEST UPDATE: One Wee Robot showreel

Doesn't show: 3 levels from Robotian Ridges and two Boss fights (still in progress)

(Images below are outdated)

A passion project expanded from my Honour Project 'Bobby'.

Developed solo, the game had been showcased at the Dundee Dare Indie Fest under the title "Bobby 'Tin-Can' Johansen".

One Wee Robot! is a 3D Action-Platformer based in a world fully inhabited by robots. Great artefacts are heard of in legends but when one ends up in the hands of the supposedly power-hungry Professor Cogsworth, it is up to Bobby, a wee robot with a mysterious past, to save the world! Bobby is helped in his adventure by an old robot named Dr. Rusty McBolts.

Bobby has interchangeable arms which can be swapped to a variety of different weapons which can be earned in the world! Bobby can upgrade his computer-chips to unlock a variety of new augmentations and additionally purchase upgrades to his fuel supply!

Cosmetic appearances can also be collected which allow him to equip hats and change his body paint and lens colours.

The goal of the game is to retrieve lost Chronogers, the keys to unlocking the powers of the stolen artefact, The Chronomodulator! Bobby collects these by travelling through time and defeating the armies of Professor Cogsworth to retrieve the lost Chronogers

Initially the game will have 3 timelines to explore with more to come in the future;

The Carburettor Cloggers: Based on Ancient Egypt, Bobby must explore tombs, defeat raiders, avoid golems and brace rivers to then attempt great riddles and retrieve a Chronoger!

Robotian Ridges: Based on The Wild West, Bobby traverses barren wastelands, dodges minecarts, invades the wrong side of town and robs a train to retrieve a Chronoger!

Oxidized Glens (Auchenbòrdiarnaigidh): Based on Medieval Scotland, Bobby gets swamped in moors, haunted by holograms, deafened by bagpipes and awakens a slumbering beast to retrieve the final Chronoger!

Once the three Chronogers have been obtained Bobby opens a portal to face Cogsworth to uncover the truth behind their actions!