Description: The result of my Honours Project at Abertay University. It was developed with UE4.


Bobby is a side-scrolling platformer adventure where the player controls a little robot named Bobby who was injured, amongst many others, in an attack on his home. He is found by an old friend and must go out on an adventure to find the cause of the attack and to decide what action should be taken.


The more hostile a player is the more unstable Bobby becomes, whilst a more peaceful approach causes Bobby to become stable.


There are three endings; Redemption victory where 'Good' Bobby wins, Destruction victory where 'Evil' Bobby wins and Enemy victory if the player fails on either final boss encounter as they are captured.


Role: All assets were created by me with the exception of a few textures, the SFX and music.

Experience: Gained extensive knowledge of Unreal Engine 4, learned development pipelines from asset implementation and demonstrated my versatility as a designer through experience in core disciplines.

Bobby (Honours Project)